For over 10 years Gemmis Technologies, Inc. has been a leading technology company based in Woodbridge, serving Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. We specialize in providing onsite technology planning, computer repair, network security, information security and PC support to small and mid-sized businesses.

Our focus on customer service allows us to keep long-term relationships with our clients. We work one-on-one with you to provide the support your business needs to keep your data protected and your computers operating at optimal performance. Gemmis is committed to protecting and improving your Information Technology infrastructure to operate more efficiently and securely.

If you are looking to create a successful technology infrastructure for your business, look no further.  Our focus on customer service sets us apart from other technology companies.  We firmly believe that our success depends on yours and will do everything in our power to help you succeed.


Computer Repair

One time clean-ups and preventative maintenance programs

VoIP Services

Voice over Internet Phone service for your home or business

Network Management

Solutions that increase efficiency and keep costs down

Cyber Security

Comprehensive information and network security

Recent Posts

Cloud Base Unified Communications for the Health and Medical Field

With the increasing medical costs the health care industry is facing, medical offices are looking at ways to reduce operating costs and increase productivity. Cloud-based unified communications SaaS is a good solution. Cloud-based unified communication SaaS with Call Center addresses cost cutting initiatives for medical and health care industry by delivering an outsourced unified communication
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A Key Ingredient in Technology Planning For Medical Offices

Planning your IT can be tricky. Plan too small and you will outgrow it in a short time. Plan too large and you will be wasting your company’s resources. A key ingredient to eliminate this problem with technology planning is analyzing your business strategies and requirements. It is important for medical practices to analyze and develop
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Prioritizing Technology Projects

Business people need to be involved up front to make sure the business strategy drives the criteria for choosing projects. The prioritization process reflects whatever the organization focus might be. The first step in justifying the value of IT is to perform an ROI analysis of planned projects. You must evaluate projects based on costs
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Spyware! What is Spyware?

Simply stated, spyware is a catch-all term for any type of software that is designed to mine your computer for data, log your keystrokes or other use of the computer, or allow unauthorized remote access to your computer. Spyware may arrive on your computer in the form of a trojan or other virus, or it
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The Importance of Technology Planning

To utilize technology efficiently and effectively technology plans must be developed and implemented. Plan to small and you will outgrow your technology needs, plan to large and you will be wasting company resources. Technology planning process helps minimize tech related crisis, use staff time efficiently and avoid wasting money on equipment. Small business owners need to
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Wireless Network Vulnerabilities and Risks

Eavesdropping Wireless LANs radiate network traffic into space. Once that is done, it is impossible to control who can receive the signals. So, it must be assumed in any wireless LAN installation that the network traffic is subject to interception and eavesdropping by third parties. The obvious solution to this problem is to encrypt the
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